Baldwin Village

I am being transferred!  I am so sad to leave Sister Arakaki, and Sister Lameko is going home to Samoa today. It is a sad day, but a happy day.

I love change and I am excited to go to Baldwin Village. It is in the Westwood Zone which is close to the Temple. Apparently, I’m going to a pretty rich area and we will be living with members and they just remodeled.This is all what I have heard though, so I will have to let you know what it is like next week.

Oh, and I’m going to be in a car 😦

Well, we have had a good week. We have a new zone goal which has really helped us reach more people. One of our investigators will be baptized soon! We had a wonderful lesson with her yesterday. On Sunday we went with her and her father to the Visitor’s Center. It was amazing to have those Sisters give us a tour and see how inspired they were to share exactly what Danielle needed when they have never even met her.

The other night Sister Arakaki and I were riding home and I saw this man on a bike. I thought he might be David, a man we talked to a couple weeks ago and haven’t been able to get a hold of. We thought he gave us the wrong number. So I thought it was David, but he was far away and carrying this giant thing, so we didn’t want to bother him. I said to Sister Arakaki, “Well I will pray that we see David again if we are supposed to.” Guess what, that man wasn’t David. Because five minutes later I had a feeling I should stop and talk to someone. We were almost home and I almost pushed that feeling away. Instead I stopped my bike, got off, and we started talking to him. Then we hear a voice around the corner and out of the 7eleven comes David! He asked for a Book of Mormon to give to his friend and we told him we tried to call. He said he hadn’t received any calls. So we checked the number we wrote down and it was like one number off. He gave us his real number and told us to call him. Wow.

That same day we were tracting. All of a sudden Sister Arakaki wanted to go to this random blue house and so we did. It was awkward going through this weird gate thing, but we kept going haha. We knocked on the door and Naidy came. We told her who we were and she said “I know.” She is a member! She is 17 years old and she joined the church in Guatemala. She has been here for 2 years and has not gone to church. She is the only member in her family. When she moved here, she didn’t really know how to get to church and she didn’t know anyone–she was only like 14 or 15 and didn’t have any family or anyone to go with… Her friends from Guatemala are all going on missions and have been telling her she needs to go to church. She wanted to and she had been praying for a couple nights to find a way to start going to church. It was so amazing that we found her. She is has started going to the Spanish ward with the Hermanas that are our roommates and she told them that we were her miracle. Her records were still in Guatemala. I don’t think there is any other way anyone would have found her besides the missionaries knocking on her door when she was home! His sheep are numbered! He knows us all!

Our mission is growing a lot. It is crazy! 

We have beach P-day in a couple weeks and I can’t wait.

Well, pray for me as I move to LA. I hope I can find the people I am supposed to reach out to share this wonderful news with.

Apparently this is my new Companion’s 6th transfer in this area and the only area she has been in! So, it will be good to have someone who knows what is going on.


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