Baptisms with Elder Ballard!? 6/2/14

Dear Family,

This week was a hard/amazing one.

Okay, so we didn’t have a baptism with Elder Ballard, but we did experience both! Saturday, our friend was baptized. It was amazing. He bore his testimony there, and then again on Sunday (we found out because we weren’t there because we were with Elder Ballard) when he was confirmed. He is also going to speak in church next week. Needless to say, he is amazing. He should be going to the temple to do baptisms this Tuesday. We can’t wait.

Then on Sunday, we had to miss both our wards, but we got to see Elder Ballard. He was in town and he spoke at a Stake Conference in our mission. Afterwards he came and spoke to all 300 something missionaries of the CLAM. It was so hot in there with all the body heat haha, but it was an amazing experience. President Weidman has been asking us to prepare for this meeting for the past month, and we have all been working really hard. Elder Ballard shook each of our hands and told us that as he looked in our eyes he saw missionaries who “love the Lord.” He told us that we were some of the best missionaries and we needed to be the best to get past all the clutter that is filling peoples’ lives these days. He was so kind and friendly. He spoke to us on how to connect our message to the people’s spirits. He read almost all of John 14–one of my favorite chapters of scripture–to us and expounded upon them. I had such a sweet experience as well as we waited quietly for Elder Ballard to arrive. I would love to share it with you when I get home. I recorded it in my journal. Mom, you will like it. Elder Ballard invoked a blessing upon us…that we would love our missions, be safe, and that our families would be blessed. He told us that if there is someone at home we are concerned about, they will be blessed. Did you hear that?! Elder Ballard blessed YOU! An apostle of the Lord.
Afterwards President addressed us and told us that he had been to a few meetings with Elder Ballard over the weekend, but in the meeting with us he was more personable. He said that it was like he was talking to his friends. He testified of the importance of the callings we bear. I am so grateful to be granted the opportunity to serve the Lord. Time has flown…

I hope you all are well. I hope you see those blessings in your life and record them for when times get tough, because they always will. When I am down there is nothing more encouraging than reading my own words from times past when I have been filled with the Spirit and hope that comes through our Savior Jesus Christ. Those feelings come back, and they strengthen me.

One of the greatest tender mercies of my mission occurred this week. I got to see SIster Fjelsted! We both had to travel with our companions outside of our missions to the Anaheim mission on the same day at the same exact time…What are the odds?! I will tell you a million to 1. God knew I needed a hug from my cousin. I saw her cried, and hugged her. We were able to talk for a few minutes and then I had to leave.

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family. Thank you for all you do!!

Sister Rackleff


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