Go Bruins! …sorry, Dad(3) 4/22/14

Dear family,

So this week has been pretty eventful.
Our zone has been doing this thing where we all pray for a different companionship in our zone each day. It has lead to some pretty cool miracles. We haven’t gotten our turn yet. I can’t wait to see what happens.
On the day that we were all praying for the UCLA Sisters…something interesting happened. Sister Burbank got transferred to Palos Verdes and Sister Shute became our companion. We are now covering the YSA and UCLA ward. I am now in Sister Atkinson’s exact first area, so that is kinda cool. We went to a lot of church yesterday. It was a great way to celebrate Easter.

This week we found a couple more investigators. One was on UCLA campus. He seems really cool and is named after a character in the Lion King…it’s awesome.
The other person we are starting to meet with is a referral we received from Sister Atkinson sent to us from Santa Monica who they found while street contacting. He seems really great.

The baptism went very well. She is awesome. We went early to fill up the font on Saturday morning, and we got there before the people who were assigned to clean the building had made it to the font. I walked down into the empty font and there were AT LEAST 15 spiders. I am so scared of spiders, but four Laura…I was brave. haha. Sister Shute and Sister Pillar stood there for a little while pointing out the spiders while I smashed them with my new shoes (sorry, Mom). After we thought they were all gone my companions came in and started helping me clean up the dead ones and we found more! It was bizarre. And then finally after the spiders were all killed, the people came in to clean haha. We set up for the baptism, then filled up the font. When Laura came she put on her jumpsuit and there were spiders on that too! I can’t believe how many spiders are in that building.
But, the spiders did not win–she was baptized 🙂
It was a beautiful service. I feel so blessed to have been a very small part of Laura’s baptism.
God loves us.

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I am so grateful for this holiday and the special time we take to remember our Savior. He lives. I know it. One of my favorite scriptures is

D&C 76
22 And now, after the many testimonies which have been given ofhim, this is the atestimony, last of all, which we give of him: Thathe blives!

The scripture goes on, and I love it. But my favorite part is “he lives!” The Spirit hits me so strongly when I hear and share this scripture. We have been focusing on teaching simply in the mission. This shows the power that is in a simple testimony. When we speak these words we are sharing pure truth can penetrate hearts that are ready to listen. We are so blessed to have the restored gospel. We need to share it with all around us. I hope this week, you will all take the opportunity to share a simple testimony of our Savior with someone as you speak about your Easter weekend. I promise you that God will give you the words to speak and you will know who to share them with.

Have a good week.

STEPHEN!!! I am so happy for you!!!!!! I emailed you 🙂

Sister Rackleff


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