God Knows You 6/16/14

Dear Family,

This week we had transfers. It has been hard, but really good as well. My new companion is Sister Johnson. She is from Michigan and has been waiting here in LA for her visa to Brazil for the past six months. She is so patient and hopeful and I don’t think I could have asked God for a better companion for my last transfer. She reminds me a lot of Sister Fjeldsted.

I have been kind of emotional seeing all these people go home. My MTC companion is on her way home, Avery, Sister Atkinson left and a few Sisters who got to LA the transfer after me all went home on Wednesday and it feels so weird. The people that were here with me at the very beginning are gone. It almost feels like the beginning of my mission all over again. In some ways that is very good. It is keeping me as focused as I can be for the next 5 weeks.

We got to see our recent convert A who just moved back home (outside of our mission). We helped her move out of her UCLA dorm because she just graduated. It sounds like she is doing great. She said that her ward was great and she has already met the Sisters and is planning on doing the new member lessons soon. Our other recent convert A2 told us that he is going to go do baptisms in the temple this week on Wednesday! One of our members had already talked with him and scheduled a time to go. We have the best members ever. After they go to the temple, we are going to have a lesson with him. I can’t wait to talk to him after that experience. That same morning all the Sisters in the mission are doing a temple session. So we will have all just gone to the House of the Lord. What could be better?

So our area is pretty big, and we have had a lot of referrals recently that are on the complete opposite side of where we live/usually work. It has been hard to contact all of them. This past week we didn’t have anyone else planned to see over in Hollywood, but we decided we needed to make the trek over there to contact this referral. We planned some potentials and less actives to visit as back-ups. We got to the address, and found out he didn’t live there. The referral was from other Sister Missionaries who talked to them on the street. Unfortunately he gave them a bad address and a bad phone number. We were a little sad because we used so many miles to go all the way to find that out. But we decided to go visit the other people we had planned. We weren’t able to meet anyone! We might have thought, “Why on Earth did we come here?” But instead we went out to contact. We were almost back to our car and I felt like we should knock on this one door. I haven’t knocked doors since I have been in this area…for like 3 months. It isn’t super effective especially when you are trying to find Young Single Adults. But we did. We talked to this woman in the very limited Spanish I know and then Sister Johnson used some of her Portuguese. It wasn’t going very far so the woman got her grandaughter to come out and speak English to us. We were happy to talk to her, but thought she was really young and that we probably wouldn’t be able to teach her. But…she is 19! She is working this summer. We told her about the Book of Mormon and gave her a copy. She is going to read 3 Nephi 11 and we are going back to visit her tomorrow! I am glad we knocked on that door.

We were contacting on campus our first day here and decided to talk to this girl. She looked like she was studying for a chem final and sure enough she was. We talked for a minute and then asked if we could sit down. She said of course! She put all her studies on hold while we testified of the Book of Mormon. We are going to see her tonight 🙂

The next day or so we were talking to another girl on the street and she said she didn’t believe in God. It’s sometimes hard to know what to say when that happens, but we asked her why and if she has had a bad experience with religion. She said no. She went on to tell us that all her friends are Christian and she has tried to pray and go to church, but she never feels anything. She thinks something is wrong with her. We were able to tell her there is nothing wrong and it takes time to learn how God speaks to us personally. We told her of God’s love for her and I asked her if she would give it one more chance. We set up a tour with her at the Visitors’ Center. She didn’t show up, but I know one day she will.

The other day we decided to go contacting on S Santa Monica and Rodeo Dr. Yes, Rodeo…we talked to a lot of great people, and were ignored by a lot of people as well. We met one kid from Indonesia named. He is far from home and talked to us for about 10 minutes. We invited him to the Mark Madsen fireside at the Visitors’ Center last night and he showed up! He was really late so we didn’t get to see the fireside (apparently everyone got to hold Shaq’s shoe) but it was better because we were able to talk to him and take him on a tour. He was so nervous to even walk through the gate onto temple grounds. We waited, encouraged and walked with him and by the end of the tour he was pouring his heart our to the Sisters. We gave him a Book of Mormon in Indonesian and have plans to meet with him again on Wednesday.

Lots of good things have been happening. I am so blessed to be here. I hope you are all having a good week, and that you count the tender mercies the Lord extends to you and thank Him for them. I know our Savior lives. I know that God is so aware of us and our individual needs and He will answer our prayers at the right time. Don’t give up. Keep a prayer in your heart, and remember I love you.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!
While we were street contacting I told everyone who looked like a dad “Happy Fathers’ Day!” They were so happy. Just fyi I sang “My Daddy Is My Favorite Pal” like 10 times that day. I am so grateful to have the best Father in the world. Seriously, you know you are 😉 Thanks for being a father. If you weren’t, I wouldn’t be here! Oh, and Happy Fathers Day to you too, Erik! I think you definitely count as a father. That is so weird to say….I can’t wait to meet the little baby soon!

Sister Rackleff


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