I Love the Lord 6/23/14

Familia y Amigos,

I don’t even know where to begin. I feel like many things happened this week, but I don’t know what to say.

I got to go on exchanges back to Santa Monica again this week. It was amazing. I got to see members and investigators I love and smell the Ocean. I miss that area so much. I was there for so long, and it feels like home. I can’t believe how much it has grown since I was there with Sister Mellor. The people there are amazing.

I love this area too. I was sitting in church from 9am-4:30 pm yesterday in all our meetings and just realizing how blessed I am. Missionary work can be hard, but Sundays are great. Sunday used to be my most stressful day of the week, but I have learned to enjoy church. I can’t control what happens and we all need that time to Spiritually recharge. Speaking of Spiritual recharging, we got to go to the temple this week. I will get to go one more time this transfer. I feel so blessed to be in a mission where we can attend the temple so often.

A2 received the Priesthood yesterday! It was so cool to see him go and find his home teaching companion and run off to work. He is amazing.
I also heard from A1 today. She emailed us and told us she is doing geneology and can’t wait to get her membership record so she can continue. I do not know why the Lord has blessed me to meet such amazing people on my mission, but I am sure glad he did.

Sister Johnson is great. I am so proud of how hard she works and how brave she is. We both had an experience yesterday I think we will never forget. We keep talking to people who have chosen not to come to church for some reason or another and for some reason it is sometimes hard for me to know what to say to people my own age…I don’t want to offend anyone of course, but I want them to feel the Spirit. I love them and I want them to come closer to Christ and renew their covenants through taking the sacrament. I have seen lives changed by the gospel, and it hurts when someone just turns it all away. Yesterday we met someone who is happy, but he asked us some questions and we didn’t respond as well as we could. We got in the car and we were sad. God blesses you with so much love for the people you serve it is incredible. I have never met this guy before and we talk to him for 15 minutes and I love him. I really do. (Mosiah 28:3 type of love). We sat in the car and prayed. We decided we needed to go back. We roleplayed what we would say and then went to talk to him. It was great. We didn’t talk to him long, but we were able to bear testimony and express our love and concern for him. He was kind and seemed to really appreciate it. I may never see him again, but I will always remember that moment.

I know the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only thing that will bring us true happiness. I hope that I can share that with people not just this last month, but for the rest of my life.

I love you all,
Sister Rackleff


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