LA 1st and UCLA?!?!(2) 4/28/14

Hello dear family,

So, We just got transfer calls last night. I am staying here in LA YSA and Sister Pillar is going Spanish Speaking to Hermosa Beach. Sister Shute is going to El Camino YSA which leaves no Sisters in UCLA. So guess what? I am getting a new companion and we are getting another ward. Wow.

I am just a little overwhelmed. The transfer before I got here, each ward had its own set of Sisters and then Elders that worked in both wards. Now it’s just us…all alone!
Sister Pillar, Sister Shute, and I did weekly planning for both wards last week. We scheduled the appointments that will be happening and then made short lesson outlines for each of the lessons we would like to teach. We looked at it and were like,”Wow, that would be so awesome if they keep the wards together. There will be so much work!” Everything started really hoppin last week when we were all together, and it was so much fun. Miracles were happening all around! Sister Shute was so excited and I kept telling her, man…whoever comes to your ward is lucky. That lucky person is me!

There is a lot to do, but I am excited to be with Sister Jimenez. I hear she is great. Well, I don’t have much time…

Beverly Hills!! I am going to live here for a while!

Sister Rackleff


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