Sunscreen…Smells Like Adventure…Here comes David again. 5/26/14

Dear Familia y Amigos,

These past two weeks have been…interesting.

With that said. We are super excited with the things that are going on in our area and the people we get to serve. Our one friend will be baptized on Saturday and our other friend will be baptized one week after. It is amazing to see how God is blessing them. I know He is so happy.

So last week, I didn’t tell you. When I was on exchanges with Sister Atkinson, I got my first bee sting right after getting a parking ticket. When I say right after, I mean like literally two minutes afterwards. Then some crazy shenanigans went down…things of which we will speak of after I get home haha. Oh, and we were street contacting and this man didn’t want to hear about the Book of Mormon, but he did ask me if I would be his model for some hair-cut thing he was doing in Santa Monica. I had to very awkwardly tell him I would love to at any other time in my life, but I can only get my hair cut on Mondays during my mission. –oh I wish I could’ve helped.

The semester at UCLA is coming to an end. That means finals and graduation. That means everyone is too busy. So, apparently things will be calming down for the summer and working in two wards might not be as crazy as it has been. A lot of people will be moving home for the summer, leaving after graduating, or going on vacation.

Oh guess what else has happened? I don’t how to spell it, but apparently the “Shaytards” are a you-tube sensation. Check them out. They are moving to Idaho and decided to have a fireside talking about “Why they believe.” We were invited to go down to my old stake center in Santa Monica and be there to talk to people and pass out programs. It was amazing. People came from pretty far to see these people and we were able to talk to a few who, because of watching this family and feeling the Spirit at the fireside, want to learn more from missionaries and perhaps even be baptized.
Guess who else was there? David Archuleta! Sister Atkinson’s companion got to sing with him….fjdkal;fjdka crazy. Yeah he walked right past me when he first came in and I said “hi” trying to play it cool…he said hi back. Yeah–who has had a conversation with him? Me!

Anyway, I love you all. I hope you have a great week. Don’t forget to pray!

This picture is with one of the recent converts in the UCLA ward. She is amazing. She comes and helps us do missionary work. I love her.

Sister Rackleff


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