Minnie Mouse

This post was inspired by this video: I hope I reacted that way every time my parents told me were going to Disneyland. I cannot wait to make my children this happy. Disneyland can change your life. What is your favorite Disney memory? One of mine is going to Disneyland and walking the wrong way through… Continue reading Minnie Mouse


So, yes, I know I am going out of order. I can’t bring myself to post about angels just yet. What does that leave us with? Russians! If you don’t know already—I am in Houston! Don’t worry, I didn’t drop out of school; I am only here for a week folks. I left Provo on… Continue reading Russians

An Indian Woman in Provo

About a month ago, I arrived home from a trip to Asia. My sister and I visited our aunt and uncle in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; then we traveled to Thailand with Hudson. We stayed on an island in southern Thailand, spent a night and a day in Bangkok, and then lived a week in Chaing… Continue reading An Indian Woman in Provo

Accessibility Awareness Week

  Who:        BYU Students   What:      Take the challenge to adopt a disability for two hours   Where:   The Wilkinson Center on BYU campus   When:     Tuesday – Thursday 8:00am – 4:00pm and Friday 8:00am – 2:00pm   Why:        Experience the challenges that people with disabilities… Continue reading Accessibility Awareness Week

“It doesn’t cost one cent to be polite.”

I had forgotten about this video until I started this blog. A woman narrates and explains how she gathered with some people in Central Park to talk about civility. She was quick to judge a homeless man and quickly put aside her judgements once she took the time to talk to him. This woman learned… Continue reading “It doesn’t cost one cent to be polite.”

Nice to Meet You.

We meet people everyday. Well, some days we meet people, some days we see people, and some days we don’t even notice that other people are there. My goal is to change my interactions with others. I want to become aware of the people around me. How can I help others? What can I do to make them smile? What can… Continue reading Nice to Meet You.